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There are many communities around the world that lack the means to live, but above all, their lack of education and values does not allow them to have a purpose for their future. Some of these common problems are food, education of values in the house, school instruction, health and clothes, among others. For this reason we created GLOBAL MAGIC WINDOW (nonprofit 501c3). 

Through different activities, Global Magic Window can help children of communities deal with these problems by bringing an essential educational component that allows to create habits, teach values, develop skills in a fun and dynamic way, to children from less favored communities. These non-tangible tools are crucial to getting out of the precariousness in which they find themselves.

Global Magic Window allows diffusing through the child population and in a didactic way different vital values such as, for example, the importance of honesty in all its senses, which will allow combating corruption in future adults.


Furthermore, teaching these values through music or other activities can create a magic window which generates a positive impact on children,  and in our global our world.

Your donation will be crucial to cover logistic and educational expenses for the realization of all these activities, not only in the Guajira but also to start new projects in others countries. 


At Global Magic Window we believe that each child has the right to learn values, such as discipline, persistence,open-mindedness, and so forth,  that allow him or her to have dreams and develop them fully as he or she grows up and to develop the skills necessary to get out of the socio-economic context in which they find themselves.  However, all these values and skills are not necessarily taught in the traditional education system. 

"The essence of our effort to see that every child has a chance must be to assure each an equal opportunity, not to become equal, but to become different - to realize whatever unique potential of body, mind and spirit he or she possesses."

-John Fischer


A better world WITH better VALUES

Disseminate, through music, sport or others activities values ​​and essential skills for the personal and professional development of children with low financial resources.  Both music and sport allow children to work as a team, together with a single purpose with the same possibilities for all.


Give the opportunity to the entire child population so that their skills and leadership skills are evaluated outside the traditional educational system.



Respect and be proud of our idiosyncrasy in a global world


In Global Magic Window, we respect that each community´s culture has a particular peculiarity. In consequence, our team teaches these universal values through activities linked to their specific children culture.

Between 2014-2016, in the Guajira´s Colombia region, we had a big success with Ventana Magica; a social project, like Global Magic Window, that had been worked with 1,500 Wayúu children. Through the process of teaching music, children had been not only able to strengthen their self-esteem but also learning the values ​​and skills necessary to increase their chances of success in reaching their goals. In this particular case, music was chosen as the main activity because of Wayúu Culture. However, it was not the only activity that we developed.


project phases




In a globalized world global magic window in its first phase, allows each child to see their culture and those of others as unique and irreplaceable while working in a group for a common purpose, that of peace between human beings and the harmony with nature.

In the
second phase, children through group activities learn to work as a team and learned universal values through a magic tool such as the music, among other activities. The magic of music has reinforced some of these values: are perseverance, coherence, and happiness as the ultimate goal of human existence.

Last but not least, at the end of this program, in its
third phase children can feel this magic (through concerts, and so forth) to continue making their dreams come true.


As part of our continued commitment to financial transparency and resource allocation, our funds are tightly controlled and the audited financial reports are publicly available and accessible to all our donors and supporters via our website.
The audited Global Magic Window Financial Report will provide a transparent. It will going to outlines the different categories of income and expenses and will show how funds are raised and spent.





Your donation will help US achieve our mission building together real windows around the world for children who hope FOR a magic future. 

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make their magic window come true!

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