Ventana Musical is a basic musical training program for boys and girls from all ages.


In the midst of this global COVID-19 pandemic, the virtual has become our way of connecting, which is why at Global Magic Window, we want to offer all the children of the world a magic window to care for and cultivate the light that each of us has inside. That is why we have created this wonderful new program “Ventana Musical”.



"MUSIC IN 1, 2 and 3"

Welcome to my Window. I am Vicky and I will accompany you in this experience where you will learn a global language: musical.
Learning music is a key experience for the integral and cognitive development of the child in her formative stage; It is an opportunity to enhance the development of their motor skills, intellect and linguistics; in addition to promoting their social skills.
I wait for all of you in my Musical window “Music in 1,2 x3” where we are going to know and experience sound ideas through musical language. We will sing, play rhythms with our body, play instruments made with materials that are at home, we will interpret your musical proposals and above all we will have fun we will make new friends.
Come to Music in 1, 2 x 3.


Hello, my name is Yeka Coach, welcome to my window “Enchanting You”. I owe my musical training to a social project like this, The orchestra system of Venezuela. From an early age, music has allowed me to live wonderful experiences, educating children and young people regardless of their abilities, economic level or their experience in music. I am currently a vocal coach with more than 10 years of experience in training singers. I have students all over the world. In this digital age it no longer matters where you are, as we are just one click away. In my “enchanting you” window, we will start in the world of singing, we will recognize the voice as an instrument and we will learn to use it in the correct way. In addition, we will work on breathing techniques and through recreational activities we will start in tuning and intonation. Dare to sing and enchant through my window.



Hello !!! How are you ?? My Name is Dariana !!! My job within the musical window is to develop rhythm and movement, that is, to dance . My window will be called ZUMBATE and I want to tell you what it is about. Before entering the subject, children will be able to discover and feel the music …
Taking advantage of this resource in this pandemic times, we are already living in a digital world !!! Where we all have access to social networks and music platforms !! I will support myself in that to work and with children to performs free dances and allows himself to know and recognize the music.
I will support myself with trendy music so the children, based on what they already knows, can develop much better.
I will develop 5 important elements that will be the pulse, rhythm, independence, coordination and expression!
The coolest thing is that ZUMBATE, in addition to being a musical window, will help us to disconnect a little from everything that happens in the world.
So you are going to have a lot of fun !!
Cheer up, dare, look trough my window and ZUMBATE!


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Un Mago de la esperanza de los niños es alguien a quien le gustaría (aficionados, profesionales, músicos, marketing, traducciones, gerente de proyectos, empresas, etc.) poner su corazón al servicio de los programas de la Ventana Mágica Global y construir juntos una nueva ventana para los niños alrededor del mundo.
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A Magician for children’s hope is someone who would like (amateurs, professionals, musicians, marketing, translations, project manager, companies etc.) to put their heart at the service of Global Magic Window programs, and build together new window for children around the world.
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Todos nuestros programas son muy útiles para la Responsabilidad Social Corporativa. Los programas de la Ventana Mágica Global permiten un cambio en la formación educativa de la población en cuestión, así como en la cultura corporativa creando valores comunes, integración y convivencia armónica. Por ejemplo, en Colombia, tuvimos una experiencia muy exitosa con el programa Ventana Mágica. Trabajamos con más de 1.500 Niños Wayuu durante casi dos años y creamos un Coro de Niños que viajó a Bogotá para cantar frente al congreso de la República de Colombia.

Hoy en día, nuestro innovador programa Ventana Musical es un curso online con más capacidad de impactar a más niños de todo el mundo.

Nuestros programas pueden manejar conflictos con las comunidades y al mismo tiempo prevenir accidentes ambientales. Además, a través de nuestros programas, su empresa puede mejorar su reputación en todo el mundo con solo un clic.

Por último, pero no menos importante, el costo de nuestros programas es muy bajo y tiene muchos beneficios.

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All our programs are very helpful for Corporate Social Responsibility. Global Magic Window programs allow a change in the educational formation of the population in question, as well as in the corporate culture creating common values, integration, and harmonious coexistence. For example, in Colombia, we had a very successful experience with the Ventana Magica program. We worked with more than 1.500 Wayuu Children for almost two years, and we created a Children’s choir who traveled to Bogota to sing in front of the congress of the The Republic of Colombia.

Nowadays, our innovative program Ventana Musical is an online course with more capacity to impact more children around the world.

Our programs can manage conflicts with the communities, and at the same time to prevent environmental accidents. Additionally through our programs, your company can improve your reputation around the world just In a click!

Last but not least, our programs cost are very low with many benefits.

If you are interested in joining or would like more information, please get in touch:

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